The Girlfriend Activation System Review GFAS

The Girlfriend Activation System Review GFAS


Wussup guys!

Time for another review and this time it is for the Girlfriend Activation System Review! And of course, as ALWAYS you will be getting a SNEAK PEAK inside and actually SEE what you are buying.

Remember that this is only a REVIEW of the Girlfriend Activation System, so if you want to DOWNLOAD the actual prograGFAS Christian Hudsonm go here:

Click Here to Download the NEW Version 2.0 of The Girlfriend Activation System

The Girlfriend Activation System Review is for the NEW V2 which was released in 2014. But of course, we will GIVE you an insider’s look from BOTH the old version and also the new version.

For those who purchased the old version, don’t worry guys! All old members are given access to the NEW and improved Version 2 of the GFAS.

GFAS Product Description

  • Instant, access to an invite only seminar by Christian Hudson
  • Entire Video of the Seminar!
  • Access to audios, PDFs,
  • Guest speakers to provide their own insights
  • Tons of bonuses

Quick Summary of GFAS The Girlfriend Activation System Review

Pros of GFAS:

  • Very well rounded and great program
  • Suitable for all skill types – from the very beginners to the more advanced guys
  • Not just for getting laid, but to get you a long-term girlfriend

Cons of GFAS:

  • Some parts can be a little confusing
  • Can take some practice or experience to get good

Who is the GFAS for:

This is really an all around program from the Social Man dedicated to show, not just pick up artists, but for everyone to get a girlfriend. Christian Hudson and his team have really gone above and beyond and have included everything you can think of in getting a solid girlfriend.

And now with the new and improved Girlfriend Activation System V2 it includes EVEN more content along with more videos and more speakers giving you their knowledge of the dating world.

The Girlfriend Activation System Review

What the girlfriend activation system can’t do

The program can’t promise overnight success. As in with any other program out there, you really need to put in the work and put in massive action.

Also, anyone who wants to manipulate women or want to use sleazy tricks to impress women should not invest in this program. First of all, it simply won’t work and secondly, it’s just outright unethical.

My Honest GFAS Girlfriend Activation System Review Version 2

Let me just start by saying that I have reviewed a TON of dating courses over the years and have tried them ALL. Not only have I read and read like a machine and devoured hundreds of hours of video and seminars, but I have IMPLEMENTED them all. Systems like Vin dicarlo pandoras box and the tao of badass.

So what makes the girlfriend activation system or gfas stand out again the rest?

To date, it is the BEST dating course out there to getting a girlfriend. Period.

Click Here to Get Your Copy of the BEST girlfriend course

Now why do I say this?

First of all, it covers a ton of material in a very short amount of time.

In fact, there is so much great information in here, that you might get information overload. Which is why I recommend going through the course slowly and taking your time with it. BUT also, taking action with every part of the system.

It’s different from other courses because bluntly, other courses don’t tell you how you can get a girlfriend. They tell you how to approach a girl, how to get numbers, how to get a date, and even how to get one night stands, but they simply DO NOT tell you how to get a friggin girlfriend!

And just A girlfriend, but a long-lasting, stable girlfriend who you may, one day, even marry and have beautiful kids with.

The GFAS breaks down EVERYTHING.

Let me show you the process of the girlfriend activation system.

GFAS: The Girlfriend Activation System Review: PROCESS

Look Inside GFAS Here’s What You Get with GFAS

So what happens when you want a girlfriend?

You either need to approach a girl or use your social circles to get around girls. The girlfriend activation system covers both of that.

Now, let’s take it to the next step.

Let’s say that you have met this so-called girl, and you want to…you know take it to the next step. And as it all depends you, but there can be many things you want with this girl. Whether that is a “friend with benefit,” a one night stand, dating, girlfriend, wife, whatever it is, it all depends on what YOU want.

But for example sakes, let’s say that you wanted to have a long-lasting relationship with this girl, like the majority of the guys would want. The next step would be to setup a date with the girl. But what if you have never been on a date before? Or don’t know what to do on dates?

The girlfriend activation system has you covered. It shows you how to get a perfect date, which I will reveal to you in a little bit.

And after a few dates, you take it from dating to a real relationship. GFAS covers everything in and between as well. It shows you what kind of person you have to be to get the kind of girl that you want, and also helps you develop inner confidence and inner characteristics that you need to become a TRUE man.

It really is an awesome product.

The Girlfriend Activation System Review: Here’s the First Part of the GFAS

Click Here to Watch the Rest of the Video Here


Okay, so it’s time for the goodies. This part is taken straight from the course itself.

The first perfect date should go something like this:

  • Should be on a Monday or Tuesday
  • Either dinner or drinks, but dinner is preferred by Christian Hudson
  • Invest some money on her! Don’t be cheap on the dates. This is actually a really controversial issue among pick up artists, because they are trained never to pay for a girl. BUT if you are going for a long term relationship, I really think not being cheap is solid advice.
  • Try not to split it. PAY FOR IT! Because YOU are the one that asked her out and want to get to know more of her.

How long should the first date be:

  • Short is actually good here.
  • Keeping it short and simple shows that you have a busy life.
  • Christian Hudson suggests about two hours

Show her that you are a gentlemen:

  • Stand up when she comes back from the bathroom
  • Order on her behalf
  • Always be cool with the waiter
  • If you’re ordering appetizers to eat together, ask her if she’s allergic to anything. Then ask her, how’s (insert dish here)?

If you want the entire strategy of the first Perfect Date including what to talk about and the PERFECT story technique then..

Click Here to Get the FULL Perfect Date Technique

Sneak Peak Inside BOTH the old GFAS and the New Girlfriend Activation System

Old Version

The entire system is outlined in a very step-by-step video course.

It is broken into 7 Parts:

Part 1: Being the Obvious Choice
Part 2: A Relationship-Ready Mind
Part 3: Unforgettable First Impressions
Part 4: Fearless Approaching
Part 5: Dating to Sex
Part 6: Sex to Girlfriend

The first version of the Girlfriend Activation System was already VERY good and solid, but they decided to make a new and improved version, giving you more value and having a production team film it over the course of two days.

The Girlfriend Activation System Review V2

The new version outdoes the old version and gives you a mind-blowing 23 step approach. NOW that’s value.

And REMEMBER you have access to BOTH the first version and the most up to date version, so have no worries if you think you are missing out.

Sneak Peak Inside!

The 23 Part Girlfriend activation system

Day 1: Parts 1-11

Part 1: Introduction with Christian Hudson
Part 2: Masculine Power
Part 3: Masculine Power Part 2
Part 4: Questions & Answers with Alex (a female)
Part 5: Nick Sparks on Sexuality
Part 6: Jason Capital On Being a Challenge
Part 7: Alex Allman On Being Genuine
Part 8: David On Dominance
Part 9: Boyfriend Material
Part 10: Questions & Answers
Part 11: The Obsession Story

Day 2: Parts 12-23

Part 12: Introduction to Day 2
Part 13: Impression
Part 14: King Game
Part 15: Nick Sparks on Impression
Part 16: What to Say
Part 17: Resetting Impression
Part 18: Inspection
Part 19: The First Date
Part 20: The Social Date
Part 21: The Sex Date
Part 22: Intimacy
Part 23: Conclusion

As you can see, it really is a COMPLETE course, that holds NOTHING BACK! And of course the girlfriend activation system review wouldn’t be complete without bonuses:

GFAS Bonuses:

Complete Confidence Hypnosis: The subliminal mind programming tool.
The Breathtaking Hello: Literally WORD FOR WORD, natural conversation openers, tried and tested on hundreds of women.
Endless Conversations: A course that teaches you to never run out of things to say.
Sexual Texting: The title says it all
The Ten Code: Simply just an AWESOME course!
Many, many, many other bonuses INCLUDING bonuses from the FIRST version of the girlfriend activation system.

Final Thoughts on the GFAS and the girlfriend activation system review

So that’s my girlfriend activation system review. Like I said, it is the BEST, the BEST (had to say it twice) product on getting a girlfriend out there. I don’t really use that word much, but the gfas really deserves it. Like always, no matter how good a course is, IT WILL NOT WORK if you do not TAKE ACTION!

So get your butt on the program and start grinding at it! I promise it’ll change your life so dramatically, that your previous life will seem like a mere cartoon.

Thanks guys for reading! Talk to you soon. Remember if you want relationship advice, check out relationship rewind.

Rating: ★★★★¾ 

My Highest Rating Ever!

Click Here to Download the Girlfriend Activation System V2

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