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You are in for a treat today because you will be getting some SECRET INSIDER INFORMATION on Ryan River’s Relationship Rewind Your Relationship!Rewind, even before you buy! I know just how much it HURTS to have a relationship ruined and maybe I can help you, by giving you some good information STRAIGHT from the program. You will know EXACTLY what you are buying and how it will help you fix your relationship. And remember that it’ll work for BOTH men AND women. So, make sure you read my review before getting a copy for yourself.

Remember that this is just a review:

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Also, remember that this review is UNBIASED. Like all of my other reviews, I will discuss BOTH the pros and cons about the program. So, if you don’t want to hear anything bad about the program, please hit your browser’s back button now.

Okay, if you are still here, let me start by saying why I wanted to write this review. I usually review dating programs, but somehow I stumbled upon Relationship Rewind by Ryan Rivers because a friend told me how he got back with his girlfriend after he used the program. So, it got me interested and I went online to take a look at some reviews, but as usual, couldn’t find any good and unbiased reviews. Therefore, I went through the entire program and decided to write one myself. Let me share with you what I learned…

My Honest Review

I am going to be really honest here. I have a stable relationship with my girlfriend. BUT, even though my girlfriend and I weren’t on bad terms or broken up, the program actually INCREASED our already solid relationship. So you don’t have to be in a horrible relationship situation, or had your heart-broken to benefit from this program.

However, I know that most of you had your hearts broken and suffered from an emotional loss of someone special, and this program REVERSES these symptoms and helps you GET BACK TOGETHER with your loved one. The program also has different sections for MEN and a different section for WOMEN, but in general, they both use the same concepts.

Let me start by covering the basis of the program, which is broken up into 3 steps.

  • Step one: Find out which “Stage” your in and find out the real reason he/she left you.
  • Step two: Planning how to get your partner back and finding out the ideal way to communicate with him/her.
  • Step three: Going back to a lovey-dovey relationship and “Understanding the ‘Perfect Date'”

Before I go over each step of the program in detail, let me go over some of the terms that the program talks about.

So let me give you a scenario. Let’s say that you and a loved one were getting along really well, until ONE DAY, your partner just seemed to have lost interest all of a sudden. He/She seems to be ignoring your calls or texts and doesn’t give you enough attention when you are with them. Or maybe they just aren’t as physically affection as before. And even worse, they break up with you and start seeing other people and even CHANGE their phone numbers to get away from you!

This is what Ryan calls a “Relationship Decay,” which is a straight downward spiral or a slow, but steady decline in interest and affection.

BUT even if, you have experienced the WORSE break-up in the history of you and your friend’s lives, this system shows you the different strategies you need to turn ANY relationship around.

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Step 1: Stage and Reason

This section of the program shows you the different possible stages of the relationship that you are currently in. Here are the four stages of a relationship:The Four Stages

  • Bliss: That magical moment of love and passion. When being with him/her just makes you feel good and you have somewhat of a “connection.” Phone calls and texts are very frequent and physical attraction is as high as ever. This is the stage that you should be aiming for.
  • Switch: In this stage you have been “exposed” to each other for long periods of time and basically know each other really well. You can actually FEEL a change if your partner starts to act differently. Even if it’s a TINY change. This is what is called as an ‘evaluation period.’
  • Drift: This could be a ‘break-up’ or you and your partner just don’t spend a lot of time with each other. This is that slow-decline stage that I was talking about earlier. Your partner could even be avoiding you or making excuses not to see you.
  • Death’s Door: Ouch. Even the name sounds horrible. This is the stage where your partner has taken drastic measures to end the relationship, even if it’s by force. Changing their phone number or seeing other people may take place in this stage. This is the hardest stage to reverse, or in this case “rewind,” but it can be done.

If you haven’t already done so, take a look at the picture of the four stages directly from the program itself, to get an idea of the four stages.

Step 2: Planning and Communication

A Sneak Peak Inside

In this section of the system, Rivers talks about the different techniques for the stage that you are in. It goes into really specific techniques for every single stage and what actions you need to take to get yourself back into bliss. It also shows you how you can stay in bliss and even strengthen your relationship even more and some mistakes that you MUST avoid in order to keep a health relationship. Just being in bliss doesn’t mean that the relationship can’t go haywire. This part has especially helped me with me and my girlfriend, and our relationship has been stronger than ever.

Ryan also talks about how you are supposed to communicate with your partner in the different stages. He actually discourages “No Contact” and says that people who advise not to contact their partner are only trying to heal the relationship in the short term. He shows you the proper medium to contact your partner (phone call, text, etc) and the most effective way of communication with him/her.

Step 3: Back to Bliss and the Perfect Date

This is the final section of the program and it offers different strategies for men and women. The ultimate goal of the program is to get back into the Bliss stage and to stay in it. Therefore, in order to understand how to get back inMore Insider Looks of Ryan Rivers!to a healthy relationship and what to do when you are there, it goes into talking about the ‘perfect date’ technique, which includes a lot of great information on dating.

The techniques here for men and women are completely different here, so you will need to pay close attention to this section, especially in the part of being physical. It really goes into great detail about what you are supposed to do in a step-by-step manner which I really thought was easy to implement.

And after you have completed this section, you should be back in a good relationship with your partner, and if not, AT LEAST a better relationship than before. Now, let me go over some pros and cons about the program.

 Pros and Cons


  • Easy to follow and easy to implement. There is even a glossary in case any of the terms are confusing for you.
  • Works for any kind of relationship and it breaks down into detail about the different stages and what you need to do for each one.
  • Lots of information and comes with bonuses!
  • Oh yeah, your sex life will probably have improved drastically 🙂


  • I’m not sure if it has enough scientific data to backup some of its theories. But then again, it worked for me, so I’m sure that it’s well tested.
  • May not work 100% of the time, but can work in most cases.
  • Some of the strategies are a lot easier said than done.

Will it work for Everyone?

I guess that depends on how motivated you really are to get back with your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. A majority of the people will buy a product and not even use it to it’s full potential. Some won’t even use it at all! Well, if you are just going to read the book and not do anything about it, then no, it’s not for you. BUT, if you really take action on this stuff and really want to get back together with the one that you love, then by all means GO FOR IT!

I hope that you enjoyed the review and especially some of the previews of the program. I know how much it hurts after a recent breakup, trust me I have been there many times. If you really think you have lost your soulmate and want them back in your life, then give this program a try. It comes back with a FULL 60-DAY money back guaranteed, so even if it doesn’t work, you will at least learn a lot from it. I know I did. If you know me, you know I DO NOT promote crap products. And in my honest opinion, this is a great product and I’m sure that you’ll find it very useful as well. Go and get your love of your life back!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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