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After many requests, I am FINALLY going to be reviewing The Tao of Badass by Josh Pellicer. As usual you’ll get an INSIDER look inside the tao of badass, even before you buy so you’ll The Tao of Badass Bookknow EXACTLY what you are buying before you order. This is actually one of the better dating programs out there. I have been using some of these methods for quite some time now and they work really, really well. Joshua Pellicer really knows what he’s talking about.

Remember that this is just my honest review:

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I always go over BOTH the good parts and bad parts of any review I do, so if you don’t want to hear anything bad about Josh Pellicer or the tao of badass please hit the back button now.

However, I have gotten a lot of requests asking to review the tao of badass and my friends also wanted to know what I thought about it as well. Let me share with you what I thought about the program…

My Honest Tao of Badass Review

Now, I have been in the dating field for many years and I have seen every kind of dating material out there. And when I first heard about Josh Pellicer, I actually wanted to know his background a little more. I soon found out that he is a very credible person! This guy is really an expert in this field. I mean, he has worked with famous motivational speakers and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) experts as well as first generation Dale Carnegie instructors. Social dynamics is definitely a field he understands a lot of.

Josh Pellicer the Author of Tao of Badass

While reading the tao of badass, I actually thought it was some really great material. I had a lot of “light bulb” or “epiphany” moments! You know those moments where you read something and it validates an experience that you once had? Yeah, I had a few of those “so that’s why she didn’t want to kiss me!” or similar moments while reading the book. Another great concept from the course is the principle of “Pre-Selection,” which you should know if you have seen the Goldfish video.

So my overall thoughts on the book are really great. It’s filled with knowledgeable information, especially on psychology and how the brain works. But let me share with you some of the stuff I’ve learned from Josh Pellicer.

Let me now actually give you a technique straight from the book. It’s called the 40 second kiss technique:

40 Second Kiss Technique from The Tao of Badass

So, the main point of this technique, and probably the most important part, is to find a girl who is ALREADY READY to make out.

If you skip this step, you will have a high fail rate. Speaking of fail rate, most guys won’t even go for this kind of technique at all because they think it won’t work! You have to throw these beliefs out and just try the technique out in the field.

This ESPECIALLY works well in BAR type of atmospheres where there is a lot of noise.

How to Find Out if a Girl is Ready to be Kissed

1 – Looking Down

You want to look for a girl that is looking down a lot. In psychology, women do this to access her emotions. It goes on to explain that people use “Eye Accessing Cues” because we access different areas of our brain as we look in different directions. So when a girl is looking down, she is probably accessing her emotional side of the brain. Here is a short video on the “eye accessing cues”:

So if you make eye contact with a girl and then she looks down then back up at you again, it means that she is getting an emotional response from you. It can also be physical as well. For example, if she tilts her head down physically and not just her eyes, she is showing that she is ready to be submissive to you and lowering herself for you, so that you can have the chance to be the dominant man.

2 – Looking Around

If a girl is looking around as if she isn’t much engaged in the set she’s in or just trying to catch other people’s attention then this is a very GOOD sign. On the other hand, if a girl is engaged within a conversation it’s really going to be hard to seduce her in 40 seconds and even harder to kiss her in that period of time.

So, if you see someone that is looking around and trying to create eye contact with others, this is a good chance for you to walk up to her initiate a conversation. For tips on approaching different types of girls check out our vin dicarlo pandoras box review.

3 – Body Language

A person’s body language tells you a lot about who they are, and what they are feeling in that present moment. So, when a girl is standing tall and upright with her feet shoulder width apart and her arms crossed, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be making out with her in 40 seconds. This is a very dominant position and it’ll be hard to get her into a submissive state.

The ideal body language you want to look for in a woman, is a girl who doesn’t take up a lot of space. Her body is closer together, her legs are really close and it seems like she isn’t the main attention of a group and is looking around elsewhere.

4 – How She is Dressed

You don’t want to look for a girl who is dressed who draw attention of other people. Nothing flashy or super erotic. But you also don’t want to try the tactic on someone dressed super conservative either. Somewhere in between these extremes should be fine.

The people who usually dress in between these two realms are girls who are on vacation. They don’t know if they should overly dress or dress too conservatively so they stick with something in the middle because they don’t know what the atmosphere is going to be like. And girls on vacation are actually more adventurous, because they want to fully experience the setting of the place they are visiting.

Action Time – What To Do

It’s time to grow some balls gentlemen. After you find one of these girls that are ready to be kissed (you should find four to five of them at any given moment) now comes the technique.

Before I get into the technique let me talk about “frame controls” that are explained more deeply in the Tao of Badass, but let me summarize it for you here.

You need to be able to control someone’s frame in order for this to work well. This is a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) technique that is very, very powerful if you know how to use it.

When you are controlling somebody’s frame, you basically aren’t going into their “reality,” but you are bringing them into yours. So “frame” basically means “reality” and by controlling their “frame,” you are controlling their reality and what they experience, or we should say what they THINK they experience.

Being able to control her experience makes it that much easier for her to feel comfortable around you and it also makes you seem more dominant as well.

If you want to know more about frame controls, Joshua Pellicer talks about it in much more detail in the tao of badass

The Technique from The Tao of Badass:

Finally, here it is, word for word, but I have to break it down so that you know the actions behind it also. Your actions are just as important as the words you say here:

Approach a girl and as soon as she makes eye contact, SLOWLY touch your index finger to your lips and say “Shhhh..”

Your vocal TONALITY and HOW you say it is really key here. Slow your speech down and try to produce a deep vocal tone. And then say,

“Wait one moment.”


“Stop for just one moment.”

Or something similar. This is NLP at its finest. The words wait, stop, or don’t will command the human mind to follow the instructions that come next.

So if you’ve ever watch the movie Inception, they say in the movie, “Don’t think about elephants” but what does the other person think about? Right, elephants.

So if you say, “Don’t make out with me,” consciously they are going to hear exactly that, “Don’t make out with me,” but SUBCONSCIOUSLY they will ignore the command of “don’t” and follow the instructions that come after it, which is “make out with me.” And this works exponentially better if they are in the right emotional state of mind as well. The tao of badass talks deeply about this psychological loophole.

So you have “incepted” into her brain “make out with me.” Even though it is YOUR idea, if you do the technique well, it will seem as if it’s her idea and she’ll be thinking, “I think I should make out with this guy.”

These are real life Inception stuff, and it’s pretty scary how well it works. Once you understand how dominant the subconscious is over the conscious mind and how to control a person’s frame, you can literally use this to hijack a person’s mind. Please only use this for good intentions and purposes only, and never for anything evil. But I only recommend using it only if the girl is ready for it, hence the instructions for how to find a girl that’s ready to be kissed.

OKAY, anyways, back to topic:

After you walk up, finger on lips and say “shhhh” and then say something like:

“Don’t worry. Right now.” And slow this way down. So you should kind of sound like a hypnotist. Kinda. “Don’t…….worry…….right now.”

Then say:

“We’re going to have a secret…you and I…we are going to secretly kiss and no one will find out.”

Lean in slowly as you say this.

Then do what is called “Triangulating”:

Look at her left eye for a few seconds, and then her right eye, and then down to her lips then back up again. For example, you can look at her eyes for three seconds, and then look at her lips for two seconds, and then back to her eyes for three seconds. Do this about three to four times while you are talking to her using the above technique.

After you have said the “we are secretly going to kiss” line you should be filling in the conversation with a few words while maintaining the same vocal tonality and be controlling her frame.

As you are saying this, you can also start escalating physicality. You can take one of your hands very slowly and reach around her back and touch her lower back very slightly.

How to Know If It’s Working

If she is “triangulating” back at you, then it’s almost a for sure sign to kiss her. If her eyes are on your lips, then go for it. If you are still in eye contact after triangulating a few times, try turning around, acting disinterested for a few seconds and then turning back around again.

This is a strange concept in psychology. After you have turned around, and then you turn back around again and face her, a lot of people’s minds will think this is a fresh start. And also, by turning around, she will have, for a few seconds, thought she has lost you. So you are basically hitting two birds with one stone. Giving her a thought that you can leave her at any second, where she will feel like chasing after you, and having a fresh start of conversation.

Some Extra Tips of the Tao of Badass Kiss Technique

Instead of raising your voice in a loud environment, try speaking into her ear. Try not to lean in though. But being close to her ear gives you many advantages, because you can maintain your low vocal tonality and you can make her feel your breath on her neck. Try breathing out more when you are close to her neck or ear, because this will EXTREMELY turn girls on. You get a very sexual response from women, and it will just skyrocket their attraction towards you.

Also, as you are going this, make sure to keep the conversation going by saying something like, “Nobody’s going to see us. This is our little secret. I promise not to tell anyone only if you promise that you’re not going to tell on me either.”

After you say this into her ear, slowly press your cheek together with her cheek and SLOWLY face her so that your lips are closer to her and then….KISS! Start with a small kiss, then go for the make out.


The more you do it the easier it’ll get and the less frightening it’ll get as well. If can’t seem to find a girl that is “ready to be kissed” just go for one that may not be ready and just try it anyways.

It won’t work all the time, but when you get the right opportunity and catch her in that right moment, then it works extremely well.

So the key of this entire kissing technique is that if you think a girl is ready to be kissed, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME trying to TALK her into creating attraction. Or trying to make small talk, because you are just taking a backwards step if you’re trying to engage a full on conversation with her when she’s already ready to be kissed.

So there you have the 40 second kiss technique. All you have to do now is go out there and try it out!

There are several other techniques which you can use to seduce women very quickly, even if they are not ready to be kissed. Some of these techniques include how to touch a girl without making her feel uncomfortable, or some VERY EFFECTIVE NLP techniques which can trigger specific areas in her brain to make her feel more connected to you.

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My Thoughts of Tao of Badass

Well, you know how I like to give you some inside look in the actual program itself. Like I did in the girlfriend activation system review.

The system is based more on how you are as a person rather than just giving you simple lines and routines, although he does give you some word-for-word routines. But the core of it, is based on psychology and how to become a person that girls are attracted to. His system could be labeled as a “natural” method, because he really wants you to develop as a person, before you develop as a chick-magnet, and I must say that I agree.

The Core System of Tao of Badass

Josh Pellicer uses a system known as a value-based approach which consists of four values: six, seven, eight, and nine/ten. He then explains what these values mean and places number Sneak Peak Inside The Tao of Badass!to a person according to the value that they have. It really is a unique method, and a great one at that.

He combines elements of alpha-male theory, but adds his own unique twists such as the value-based numbers from above. The tao of badass also doesn’t rely on DHV, or demonstrating higher value, but more of ASSUMING value rather than trying to SHOW value.

The program also shows you how you can get from one value to another. The tao of badass also gives detailed information on the psychology of women and the importance of body language and HOW you say something as opposed to what you say.

It really is a complete program and comes with a ton of bonuses as well. He also has a ton of videos on youtube explaining some great techniques to create attraction, along with a members area so you can discuss attraction ideas! Be sure to take a look at our relationship rewind review if you want tips on relationships!

Pros and Cons of Josh Pellicer’s Tao of Badass


  • A LOT OF INFORMATION. It can cause you information overload and having too many routines might not allow you to start taking action because you don’t know where to start.
  • Some stuff will take awhile to master. To internalize some of the core principles will definitely take some time, and isn’t something you can master overnight.


  • A LOT OF INFORMATION. Yes, this is both a con and a pro. There is a lot of great info about psychology, NLP, and body language which I really love!
  • The Tao of Badass comes with A LOT OF BONUSES and access to a MEMBERS only area!
  • An Inside-out approach to attraction. Which means the course is based on becoming an attractive PERSON rather than attracting girls just solely based on routines.
  • He has great videos with lots of useful information.

In Conclusion

Honest, this is one of the BEST programs I have read about attraction and getting women. This goes above and beyond just simple routines, but some of this stuff is scientifically proven and sound principles of attraction. I have really enjoyed reading this and some stuff LITERALLY made me stop and think for awhile. I PAUSED for a good few minutes to really let the idea sink in because it had such an epiphany impact on me.

That’s why The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer receives the HIGHEST rating we’ve ever given:

Rating: ★★★★¾ 

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